Animal Medicine Pouch - your personal guide to an animal encounter

November 8th, 2012

Have you had an encounter with an animal lately? Perhaps out on a walk, or even just looking out of the window? An encounter which has stuck in your mind, or that you have felt important enough to share with others? Perhaps you have had a dream about a particular animal?

Working with the Wild Earth Animal Essences, I am often asked the meaning of an encounter, as people find it very useful to learn about the spiritual significance and symbolism that particular animals have for them. We then discuss how this meaning may enlighten or provide guidance for current life challenges.

“I have lived here for 20 years and never once seen a fox..but there it was just walking around the house”

I believe that these wild animal encounters can be real guidance in our personal growth, now more than ever. Living in this wonderful rural place, I am in touch with wildlife every day, but animals never cease to do extraordinary things to make themselves clear to me, when they have something to teach me.

I had a very interesting animal encounter on holiday in France last summer… One evening, I did a ‘medicine card’ and picked  frog…which in Native American symbolism is cleansing, and the frog essence is about transformation. Later that evening I became really sick with what felt like food poisoning, vomiting every hour or so…it was a loud thundery,rainy night with bright lightening, but I had opened the windows of the gite to get some air to help with the nausea. A tree frog promptly climbed in through the open window and joined me for the whole night ..hopping around me on the tiled floor and on the furnishings,  until the sickness subsided at dawn! After a whole night of cleansing and purging, I felt completely transformed, both mentally and physically. For the rest of the summer, Frog was an important ally on my path of personal and spiritual growth.

Animal Medicine Pouch to order:

On request,  I will place a written precis of traditional animal symbolism, intuitive guidance, questions to reflect upon, and a clay talisman of that animal into a beautiful Animal Medicine Pouch - a small and beautiful pouch, you can use for guidance and reflection - for (just about) any animal you encounter.

The small but powerful pouch will easily fit in your handbag, pocket or under your pillow, and will provide you with a reminder of your encounter and its significance for you as long as you chose to keep it.

Each Animal Medicine Pouch will cost £20 to make - each one tailored to your unique Animal Encounter.

To order, please email me with your name, your address and as much detail about your animal encounter as you would like to give me, and I will arrange payment through paypal. As each medicine pouch is made to order, please allow about a week for it to arrive. IF you need it sooner, please let me know.


With love and animal wisdom, Rosy

Essence and Gateway Practitioner.

Spirit of Growth Weekend- with Rosy Glover Flower Essence Practitioner

March 8th, 2012

During April and May a colourful wildflower carpet emerges beneath our feet - and if we stand still for a moment, we notice that we are growing too.

Would you like a weekend where you can…

  • Take some sacred time out to acknowledge and nurture personal growth areas.
  • Rest, relax, meditate, walk, create and nurture your soul
  • Experience how nature can become a guide to personal growth
  • Learn about spring flower and animal essences - how to use them in soulful ceremony or personal pampering
  • Prepare your soul and spirit for the most active time of year.
  • Enjoy using Flower Essences and sharing Reiki
Sat 5th May 10-4pm
Sun 6th May 10-4pm

Arnside - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, just South of the Lake District National Park, Cumbria.

Investment in yourself: £175 including lunches.

For more info or to book email
To find out more about Rosy’s work go to

Christmas Room Spray

December 14th, 2011

Naturally scented with winter spice essential oils of orange, pine, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, this room spray can be tailored to your needs with flower essences this Christmas.

Essences work well for the whole family as room sprays, and can provide that extra support for this wonderful, but sometimes stressful time….over excitement, focus and efficiency, family fun, family harmony, belonging and comforting, spiritual inspiration, gratitude, love.

Flower and vibrational essences work on our subtle energy fields, so as long as sprays are used liberally, they can be as effective as taking essences orally. Flower essences also work well in a bath and even work in cakes or in the washing machine - they are wonderfully creative tools to support us with modern living!

If you would like Rosy, Flower Essence Practitioner, to tailor a Christmas spray for you then get in touch by email rosy(at) 50ml spray - £15. First class postage included - for guaranteed next day delivery add £5. Gift wrap available

Gill Edwards

November 29th, 2011

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the great work of Clinical Psychologist and Author, Gill Edwards, who died last week.

Her accessible books I recommend regularly to clients, and I believe Conscious Medicine, her latest book is one of the most important works of our time.  If you haven’t read it - do!

In 2000 I worked on an Art project about Health Pioneers, at the Looking Well Healthy Living Centre in North Yorkshire. The project was a celebration of the Pioneers at the forefront of health- (not medicine). Among them were Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of the hospice movement, Lady Eve Balfour, founder of the Soil Association, Scott Williamson and Innes Pearse, who set up the Peckham Experiment in the 1920s I truly believe that Gill Edwards has in her life, work and death become one of these pioneers, of equal importance. Like all of them, she was pioneering- at the forefront of a model of health that lays the groundwork for future normality.

What her work and her wisdom taught me:

‘If it feels heavy, don’t do it’.

To trust myself and value what I intuitively know about illness and wellness.

To play big, lead by example, and be a giant pendulum.

When your (self) work is done, its time to go.

Go Well Gill, and Thank You.

To read a letter from Gill and her brother, go to:

To read more about Rosy’s work go to:

Your Pet and Flower Essences - Bonfire Night

November 2nd, 2011

At this time of year I have requests for Flower Essences to support cats and dogs with the loud noises that occur at bonfire night. I often use essences on my own cat, and he responds really well to them. They are very simple to use, and like children, pets often respond very quickly to essences. To use them, just stroke a few drops into your pet’s ears or sprinkle in your pet’s bedding.

Tell me about your pet over the phone or by email, and I will pop your drops in the post. £12.

Why am I running the Harvest Soul Retreat with Rachel McDonald?

September 9th, 2011

I first met Rachel McDonald five years ago at one of Rachel’s Women’s Circles in a tranquil village hall in rural Shropshire.

Rachel, a dark haired and intuitive soul, of Romany Gypsy heritage led the circle with such presence and ease, allowing each different woman in the group the space they needed to grow. It wasn’t what she did, it was how she did it. With grace, insight, charisma and tremendous skill. Her 15 year experience working with women shone out of her.

Since then Rachel has been a very important part of my life, as a Wise WithWoman (and qualified Life Coach) offering me Soul Guidance when I faced a massive gateway in my own life, and as a Reiki Master, teaching me this useful healing art. Her creative tools are really unique and powerful, allowing a more practical way of accessing your soul’s messages.  The way she works is intuitive and magical, so that you feel you are in the presence of a true, ‘ancient’ Wise Woman.

Rachel and I have sensed  intuitively that coming together for a healing workshop or retreat would be incredibly powerful, and this year it felt right to do so in our Harvest Soul Retreat, in Arnside Cumbria (see below).

For those who have already booked on the weekend (8th and 9th of October), Rachel and I look forward to creating a warm, cosy space for you to intuitively access your personal ‘medicine’ for autumn. If you feel called to join us on this powerful weekend, please get in touch to find out if there are any places left. email-

Some testimonials from Rosy and Rachel’s Clients/Workshop Participants

“The workshop was so much more beautiful than I expected, very healing, nourishing and gently led by Rosy’s beautiful presence”

“This workshop was beyond value…so many goodies in my heart and mind”

“The space you hold is very healing for me and very safe”

“Your work is so beautiful and sacred. You are such a blessing!”

“Your circle enabled me to access the woman I now know I am meant to be”

To find out more about our HARVEST SOUL RETREAT go to or email rosy(at)

Harvest Soul Retreat

August 26th, 2011

Autumn settles a warm crimson cloak over the hedgerows and fields. Wrap the cloak around you during this weekend to celebrate the harvest season of your soul.

A Weekend Retreat With:

Rosy Glover - Flower Essence Therapist & Rachel McDonald - WithWoman & Reiki Master

In: Arnside, on the Cumbrian Coast - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

This weekend will include:

  • Gathering insight into your bodily rhythms during the tides of the year.
  • Guided meditations for reflection on the harvests of your year.
  • Creative exercises to harness the power of the changing season and access your soul-path.
  • Flower Essences and Reiki.
  • Making a Vibrational Essence from local hedgerow plants and berries.
  • Time to rest, relax and nurture your soul.
  • Woodland walks to connect with personal guidance from the natural world at this gateway to Autumn.


A nurturing home with large gardens and access to private woodland at the foot of Arnside Knott. Three minute walk to the estuary beach in Arnside.

When: Saturday 8th of October and Sunday 9th October 2011

Investment in yourself: £170 ( Retreat is not residential, but some meals are included )

For more info or to book:

email: rosy(at)

Rosy’s Website:

Rachel’s Website

phone: 0845 838 9824

Simple medicine.

May 24th, 2011

As a Flower Essence Practitioner, one of the questions I sometimes find useful to ask is “are there any flowers, plants, trees or animals that are particularly calling your name or attracting your attention at the moment?” Sometimes people find this very easy to answer…’ooo, yes, I’m loving the hawthorn blossom’, others are more brain focused and ‘think’ carefully and tell me some of the plants in their garden, or a story about a pet. However, what never ceases to amaze me is that the answer to this question always has relevance to our discussion and to the growth that is being explored in the session. I often use the corresponding essence for either the flower or animal that they have talked about or together we look at the message that may be embedded within and use an essence to correspond to that.

After using this tool for some years, it began to embed itself within my life more completely. I look out of my window each day and with deep awareness…a bit like dowsing or meditating, I try not to look or focus too hard, but just to see what comes to me with an openness. I will often be thinking about something else, but I never forget to make a mental note of the birds, animals, flowers and plants that grab my attention.

Whatever it is that shows itself is a seed for me to unwrap and learn from. If I haven’t got the essence, i will look up traditional associations to do with that plant or animal. Always it has a message about the day ahead or the day that has just passed.

I recommend you try it. If something grabs you, look on the internet, in books or use your intuition to deduce what this plant or animal has to say to you. Alternatively, for May and June Rosy is offering you the opportunity to email her with a plant or animal that is calling you, and for £10 (payable online), she will send you a personalised Nature Reading by post. Your Nature Reading will be made of card and may include symbols, pictures, phrases or questions for you to ponder. It will also contain relevant inspirational definitions and ancient associations.

Email me your name, the plant, animal or bird that is attracting you, and I will forward paypal invoice for £10 and then your Nature Reading by post.

Happy noticing.


Valentine’s Day Room Spray

February 2nd, 2011

A wonderful combination of Flower Essences to provide a sexy and loving space for your Valentine’s Day Celebration. Essential oils of Rose and Ylang Ylang have been added to make a delicious and romantic scent.

Can support with self confidence, communication, intimacy, openness, playfulness, pampering, giving, receiving.

Keep this spray for use during intimate times, beyond Valentine’s Day.

Buy the Valentine’s Spray for £12. Email or phone Rosy for an online link to payment by card or paypal. Postage in UK is free.

Spring Clean Essence (TM)

February 1st, 2011

Imbolg the ancient pagan festival on 2nd February is the celebration of early spring - the earth awakening after the darkness of winter. The snowdrops pushing their heads out of the ground tell me that beneath the ground the bulbs, like us, have been incubating and building up their energy for re-emergence in Spring.

At this time of year, we can capitalise on any urges we may feel to wake up and clear out. As spring peeps it’s head up in the form of snowdrops and bulbs, we too begin to wake up and look around anew- often leading to the urge to clear out, sort our wardrobes, desks, cupboards or shelves. We clean and sort in order to prepare for the new activities of the year - clearing a space, emotionally,  mentally and physically.

If we are able to go with this feeling and urge for freshness, the tide of the year helps us along. If find clearing, cleaning and sorting is a lot easier than at other times of year. It’s a bit like shedding that heavy woolen jumper that has kept us warm all winter…we feel like something lighter and fresher (even though the weather may not be any warmer)

Gateway Combination: Spring Clean Essence (TM) can support us to let go of objects, feelings, ways of being, ‘wooly jumpers’ that have been appropriate during a time of darkness, but may need to be released right now. This combination can help us to feel joyful at the letting go, and to assist us with inner clarity and understanding of the process of change and metamorphosis. It contains:

Snowdrop - let go, experience joy, freedom after a period of darkness

Snowberry - wash away unclear perspectives, bring us back into alignment with  our personal truth

Scottish Primrose - remain grounded when starting something new, or during a  period of inspiration

Daffodil - blow away winter cobwebs, joy and hope that has been missing in darkness, bright horizon

June Drop - understanding energy exchange, and that letting go helps other things grow, embrace flow, appreciating cyclical nature of life and  abundance.

To Buy Spring Clean Essence (TM) Combination - 15ml oral drops £10, 50ml Spray £12. Email your order Rosy by visiting

Top tip!

Try adding some Spring Clean Essence (TM) to your spring cleaning products or washing machine detergent dispenser for an energetic clean at this time of year.

The Spring Clean Essence (TM) Room Spray with added lemon, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils to help to clear those airborn bugs can help with spring cleaning stale energies from this very ‘indoor’ time of winter.


Rosy can make up a personalised version of Spring Clean Essence (TM) Spray to use in your clinic or consultation room - to help clear energies from previous clients. Just email me with your requirements, and I can post anywhere in the UK free of charge. Spring Clean Essence (TM) Spray is £12 - card payments accepted - just email me for an invoice with a link to pay online.